A dream comes along with a small bundle containing two choices: either you make it happen or you carry it to your grave.

Hours of road trip eventually led me to an angel, made of innocence, dreams, bones and skin.

When they can’t steal your success, they tarnish your character but at the end, they surrender to your strength.

When they can’t be where you are, they copy you and confuse temporary pride for hard-earned honor.

These titles, ranks and classes, we’ve fabricated them out of our own fears and despair. Being grounded, while refuting differences, is beautiful; try it.

From the day I began traveling, I understood that truths were lies and lies were truths.

In every traveler, there’s a child inside, pretending to have grown up in an adult’s body.

If one day I die while traveling, I want you to know that I died with memories; not dreams.

We are all seekers: some of truths, some of fragmented truths and others of lies.

Diligence without intelligence is tragedy, not success.

Be neither thrilled by joy nor broken by grief.

In a world where lust is confused for love and silence for peace, remember to be firm in your beliefs and submit not to the ignorance of others.

When we fail to get what we wish, we are still gifted for experience is what we get.

In a world where people can no more be trusted, I resort to books, travels and coffee.

I’m both a fearless warrior and an innocent child.

Some great companions have paws too.

Fill the cracks of the world with love; not with ignorance.

When these eyes will close forever, I want you to look me as just another child sleeping after a playful day.

I am a loser. I have lost pride and ego. I love this lost, for in it there’s triumph.

The law should not be more equal for some and less equal for others.

Some people smile at the sight of rainfall; others dance to the sound of it.

Traveling is as subtle as an early morning reverence.

When success seeps into every dimension of your life, small minds and big talkers grow so displeased and powerless that they often resort to cheap acts; but little do they know that kingdoms can be conquered, not kings.

So easy it is to condemn; but run not from what you could not save. Walk again to the silent scene of destruction and let your light win.

We look for stars high in the skies but we never pick their broken pieces down on earth.

Some people are like stars; far but yet close.

Light does not just come to us; it comes from us too.

The waves that you use to hide from are now all in my heart. Perhaps, that’s why you hide from me too.

In that one moment, there was life.

Respect is free. Keep some for you and give some to others.

Not all promises are made of words; some are made of butterflies too.

When I was a child, I used to think that stars were souls. As I grew up, I understood that souls are stars.

Jealousy often turns people into irresponsible storytellers.




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