Are you the chosen one?

If you are the chosen one, then who chooses you?

I am sure that in the course of your life, someone must have told you that you are the chosen one for a task, project, relationship, travel, circumstance or so forth. People told me this too and when I sought to understand their statement, I was always told that God chooses people to accomplish some specific missions on earth and if you are living a great life, you are presumably the chosen one by God.


While I have immovable and strong faith in God, I do not believe that we can be chosen by God. Think of a mother who has two sons and one plate of food. Do you think the mother will choose one of her sons to give the food entirely to him? I don’t think this is probable. Let’s now understand why this is not probable? I would say that a mother’s love is unconditional and equal. She cannot choose the happiness of one son at the stake of another. Likewise, we are all God’s children and God loves everyone and everything equally. In His eyes, there’s no preference. Whether you are a prostitute or a priest, you are still God’s child and we all have his equal share of love. God is merciful and great. His love has no conditions.

If we are living a great or a disastrous life, then this is an outcome of our actions. If you take the example of my life, I have been traveling and working in different countries and in the near future, I will be embarking on another adventurous mission in a new country. Does this mean that I have been chosen by God to go to those countries and to serve those people who are in need? How can then God be unfair to you? Why were you then not chosen? The answer is simple: your actions guide your life. If you do good, think good and speak good, your life becomes good. Even God is an observer of this drama.

The message that I wanted to pass on to my readers through this post is:

You have to focus on doing good actions in this short life. Your actions must be selfless and pure. No matter what circumstances you are having to endure, you have to struggle in the darkness to shine your light. Do good, speak good and think good. 


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