The dangerous habit of refuting truth

Since long I wanted to share my thoughts on the dangerous habit of refuting truth but was never enough inspired to pour out everything in words. Tonight, I am all set to write about it but before even digging into the subject, there is an important question that we must ask: what is truth?

Truth means different things to different people. For example, I stand on my balcony at 06:30 a.m. in the morning and find that the sky is blue. Someone standing on his balcony at 05:25 p.m. might find the sky filled with yellowish colours and someone walking on the street at 10:30 p.m. might find the sky completely dark. But the truth is that the sky itself has no colour. So, what is truth? At different time, in different place and as seen by different persons, truth has different meanings. But in fact, truth is universal. We are blind to the universal truth because we are blinded by the worldly pleasures and we are misguided by our ego.

To most human beings, truth is found in their religious books and this is something I strongly, logically and scientifically deny. Truth is above religions and above holy books. It has nothing to do with man-made gods. It has nothing to do with our temples, churches and mosques. It is free, infinite and one. As we might all have our own version of truth, I will still need to take you through the subject of this post: the dangerous habit of refuting truth. Hence, in order for us all to be on the same page, we will make an assumption of what is true.

Let us all agree that this is a universal truth: stealing is wrong.

Let us take an example in line with the above. On the main door of a supermarket, it is written in bold ‘If someone is caught stealing, he will have to pay a sum twice the amount of the stolen product’. One day, Mr. X walks in the supermarket knowing that stealing is wrong and having read the memo affixed on the main door. If despite this, he steals a box of Ferrero Rocher and is caught while stealing. Then, when he is brought to the manager at the reception desk, he refuses to pay and said this as an excuse: ‘I was stealing the chocolate because my uncle is dying and his last wish is to eat the branded Ferrero Rocher chocolate.’

What would you do? Fall into the emotional trap or ask the person to pay twice the amount of the chocolate or call the police if he refuses? The decision is yours but there is a moral that cuts across all that I have written about. First of all, if stealing is wrong and it is an accepted universal truth, then everything else fails in the eyes of this truth. Truth is truth. How can we negotiate in the face of truth? Where do we get the power to do this? Why do we seek to prove right what is wrong?

We do all this because we are absorbed in this material life and this material life blinds us with temporary pleasures. Just like we are able to bargain about everything in this material world, we think that universal truth is negotiable too and can be remoulded. We cannot force an entire system (truth) to adapt to the motivated desires or views of someone. People have to adapt to system; system cannot adapt to one or two persons. We form this dangerous habit of negotiating with universal truth by looking at what others are doing, because we are trapped in worldly pleasures and because God or Science has never come to tell us ‘Don’t do this because this is wrong’. We look for reminders. When we read some verses from a holy book, then we change from evil to saint overnight but after some days, the illusions and pleasures of this world drag us again into its darkness. For how long will we continue to be so weak? For how long we will be victim of this dangerous habit of refuting what is true? For how long will we seek to prove wrong what is right, just to satisfy our desires? For how long will we blind ourselves to the universal truth?

I have said it all and now, it’s your time to meditate upon it.



One thought on “The dangerous habit of refuting truth

  1. Hello bhaii🐻😀!!Good Morning bhaiya⛅.It was such a powerful post on truth Bhaii. The example of “Mr X stole ferrero Rocher chocolates because his uncle wanted to eat it before dying” was too funny”😂😂anyway God is truth,Truth is God” Keep being the Gandhiji of our nation bro😇Thanks for writing this strong post for your readers.😊God bless you my lovely bhaiya!! i will be impatiently waiting for your next blog posts.They are too good & interesting to read as they contain the truth we can’t refute😇i learn so many new good things from your blog posts bhai..thank you once again.May God keep giving you new ideas,motivation& courage to share your knowledge to us😊💖💝

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