Starting 2019

Good morning readers,

On this first day of 2019, I ask you not to treat this day as different from other days. As for me, I woke up early and spent the first half of the day in prayers and meditation. The other half of the day will now be spent in reflections. I also plan to shoot a small video which I might or might not upload.

I am loving also the fact that it is raining. The best thing that goes with this weather is of course coffee.

I am keeping this blog post very brief. I wish you all a blessed 2019.

Please write to me if you would like me to express my views on a particular topic.



One thought on “Starting 2019

  1. Thank you for this first blog of 2019 Bhaiya.i could not attend prayers as i usually do each new year as am ill😪😔since yesterday.On reading your blog i feel like am regaining courage☺.i just wanna tell you to check your inbox in messenger please please😊I had sent you a special new year message.The message is a little lengthy..but its worth reading📖Hope you will love it.i did not send anyone such a long special message.its JUST FOR YOU.🍀Please do spare some time and read it& do reply or just react so that i can know if you loved it😊.when you used to be ill in Africa & last year in Europe i used to make you laugh,its your turn to make me happy now😛…..💓 Thank you.Have a blessed new year😇🎁

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