Ending 2018

It is still unclear to my mind what do people really celebrate as one year ends and another begins. We celebrate man-made time? We celebrate the fact that we are wasting a lifetime without putting it to good use? We celebrate the fact that we have written down a set of more materialistic resolutions that we wish to accomplish? We celebrate the fact that our bodies are growing older by one year? What do we celebrate really?

I know many might disagree with me on this but I find no reason why we should indulge in celebration as one year ends and another starts. I would rather use this time of transition to reflect on my life’s purpose, to strengthen my relationship with God and to strive harder to become better in all sense. I am not perfect. I make mistakes too but one thing is for sure: I learn from each and every mistake. I truly do. So new year is a moment for me to have some meaningful ‘me-time’ and to connect to my innermost being.

What I strongly condemn also during new year is the lighting of firecrackers. First, we do not have a strong reason to celebrate anything. Secondly, we light up firecrackers and hurt animals with the noise. Sometimes, I even fail to understand the human race. Are we really humans? Because most animals have better hearts than most humans. I ask the general population not to engage in any form of celebration during new year, but rather indulge in all forms of reflection and meditation.

I hope this post will be some good food for thought.

Happy new year folks !


One thought on “Ending 2018

  1. Thank you loads for this post My sweetest bhaiya!!🐻…I must say our thoughts really match though am nothing before you😇Today itself i was thinking about what you said in this blog.I too always keep thinking why should we celebrate new year in such a materialistic way!!These fire crackers give me head ache,hurt animals&these fire crackers are dangerous + so many innocent animals are killed for food & these days itself there is wastage of food in parties…etc..i just hope people come out of their ignorance..💡..Allow me to share your blog bro😊Have a blessed New year bhaii💖😇

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