Be different and disengaged

We are in 2018 and this is the time, where every living being is preoccupied with building and maintaining, and in this process, the clock of life ticks away.

If we split the lifetime of an ordinary human being on a plane of time, the following cannot be said to be untrue:

  • From the age of 5 to 12, children are curious and out of this curiosity, they seek to understand this world. They have no major responsibilities. They are free in the real sense of the word. However, they accept as truth whatever they see or hear; especially from those whom they have great respect for and see as their idols. The unfortunate fact is that those idols are not always exemplary in the right sense.
  • From the age of 13 to 18, the teens are so engrossed in their studies. Competition has invaded every area of their life. Out of societal pressure, starting from home, they are work hard to outcompete others. So, at this tender age, they are unfortunately pushed to oppose others in order to win. Isn’t it greed that is being instilled in them from home?
  • From 19 to 28, these young adults are either pushed into marriages or some of them jump into it. Some have no idea of what marriage entails. Many don’t even understand the significance of marriage – whether it should be pursued or not.
  • By 30, it seems all those married couples are expected to have their own child. Some people do not even know why they are doing what they are doing. They are scared of opposing the common system. They see life on a plane of time and believe that 30 is the age to at least have their first child. They believe that the outcome of marriage is child-bearing.
  • From 31 to 55, everything becomes routine and life goes on. It’s a phase of excess responsibilities, stress and people are deeply engaged in the material life. Greed, anger and lust invade the life of almost every ordinary human being. This is irrefutable. If you are reading this and you believe you are free from greed, then attempt these questions: (i) Why do you wish to work harder?, (ii) What’s your plan in the next five years?, (iii) Do you have any business plan?, or (iv) Can you give away all your prized possessions at this very instant to an orphanage and become homeless?. Be honest and you shall find the answers. The same applies for lust and anger.
  • From 56 onwards, the display of hypocrisy begins. This is the phase that most people believes that time has to be given to God. They spend their entire life running after temporary pleasures and possessions, and on their late fifties, they believe it’s time now for the sacred pilgrimage leading to God.

Pause for a moment and evaluate your life. What’s happening in your life? Compare your life with the facts explained above. Though what I have shared may not be 100% accurate when it comes to the ages, but the trend is 100% accurate. This is the unfortunate truth.

I am glad that few years ago, I have decided not to live this ordinary life. Applying the ex post facto logic in my life, that is the law is not retroactive, I have started my true journey since the day I understood the bigger purpose of my life. I used to have a faint understanding of the different scriptures, of the different religions, but now, everything has changed. I have progressed much when it comes to the mastery of scriptures. By saying this, I am not saying that the Truth is in the scriptures; it emanates from them to a large extent but it doesn’t come in its entirety from them.

I refuse to settle to the pleasures of this material life. I refuse to build and to maintain. I choose to live. I refuse to be engaged in sense gratification and choose to look beyond this current dimension of matter. It’s not easy to live a different life among common people. It’s easy to be frustrated when the wings of your spiritual endeavours and efforts are cut off every single minute by people who pretend to know God, but who doesn’t. These days, most people are good speakers but weak doers. They pretend to know everything but their hearts are enslaved by emotions, pleasures and possessions. These people are called mityachar, that is hypocrites.

So, what you must do if you wish to live up to your purpose of life, despite the negative forces of this common world? What must you do if you wish to be extraordinary among ordinary people? What must you do if you wish to be different?

I don’t seek to fight the negative. I seek to be different and disengaged (karma-sanyasi) in material life.

Here are what I do.

  1. Stay firm and believe in the principles of your life
  2. Do not justify to people who do not share your spiritual views
  3. Do not disclose everything to people who are not at the same level of energy as you are
  4. Do not surrender to greed, lust and anger. Greed and lust can easily be eradicated through sincere efforts, but anger might persist in a world where everyone challenge your soul-purifying efforts. It will fade too gradually with perseverance and faith.
  5. Have like-minded friends but don’t trust them. In fact, don’t trust anyone on earth except God. Respect everyone but trust no one.
  6. Put duties first and emotions last. Relationships and responsibilities might mislead you to make decisions based on emotions. Resist and say NO to emotions. Let your spirit be guided by the sense of duties.
  7. Do what is good for your heart, mind and spirit but remain within the boundaries of ethics, truth and principles.
  8. Keep away everything that pushes you into sense gratification. I think the sacred Quran has very precious knowledge and guidelines on how to accomplish this.
  9. Be forgiving, peaceful and loving
  10. Live in the present always. Worry not about the future. Don’t make long term plans. Don’t live for the fruits of your deeds. Live for your deeds.

I hope this knowledge that I have shared with you, will in some way or another be helpful to you. Take some time to think about it all.


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