Are we not all seekers?

Are we not all seekers?

While some people search for love, others are wandering miles and miles in pursuit of healing. In the course of my travels around the world, I have been seeking too. Sometimes I sought happiness, while sometimes I looked for peace. Every time, there was one thing or more that my soul was feeling the need to acquire, or to be bestowed with. I remember when I was in a small coffee shop in Bunia, a town in the Democratic Republic of Congo, not too far from the border of Uganda, I dived into a deep reflection which I am sharing with you through this post.

No matter what I have been searching for, peace or happiness, the eventual quest was for Truth. I understood with time that I am all that I was searching for. I am peace, happiness and light too. It was of no use to search any further when I realised who I am. I felt then an emptiness in my heart even though I understood that happiness, peace, light and so forth are within me. The emptiness was the personal relationship that I could not create with God even after years of sincere attempts. There was something I was doing wrong. Reading the holy books at the age of 18 was not enough. I subscribed to different school of thoughts, movements and religious groups to grasp the depth of their teachings. I studied the sacred Gita and mastered its 18 chapters. I went for Biblical classes and attended prayers in churches. I began reading and researching other religious scriptures. All of these, I still do. In simpler words, apart from being a student of life, I feel that I am being a student of cross-comparative religious studies. I still go to church, temple, meditation classes and so on.

By doing all this, I begin to understand and accept my version of Truth. I begin to create a personal relationship with God. I begin to live the truest purpose of life. It’s such a blissful feeling to have been on this quest for so long, and to be able to see how it all gets demystified gradually. Everything seems to be clearer and I think the greatest contribution in my life to create this personal relationship with God was my stay in DR Congo for almost 1.5 years.

I encourage readers not to live a mundane life, not to surrender to the temptations of this comfortable world and not to underestimate the power of God’s plan. Everything happens for a reason. The universe is listening to each of us. To make your life meaningful and to create a personal relationship with God, you must start seeking too. There are other school of thoughts which do not believe in seeking, and promote rather being, accepting or surrendering but I am glad I found my way.

To conclude, I just remembered one verse from the sacred Bible which I am sharing with you:

“Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you”  (Matthew 7:7)


One thought on “Are we not all seekers?

  1. Thank you bhaiya🐻i really miss your african blogs and post too😇i wish you best of luck in your spiritual life.You dont need to search for God everywhere.He is within the air we breathe & even a leaf cannot move without His will😇😊

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