Week-days versus week-end

I had a great weekend. What about you?

Sometimes, but what about the week ahead? How do I make it great? I cannot go on road-trips with cousins during working hours. I cannot sit for hours by the beach. I cannot have endless cups of coffee around the island. I cannot do all that I can do during my weekend. So, is there a way to make the week great too?

Yes, there is. I can come up with a new initiative at work. I can complete a work has been pending since long. I can listen to my colleagues. I can show gratitude to people around me. I can provide valuable insights in meetings. I can be more positive. I can do all that I cannot do during the week-end.

You might be wondering now why have I made this contrast between week-end and week-days. Recently, I have been thinking a lot about my own state of life, my aspirations and my potentials. Then, I realised that we, as a society, tend to go by the flow. We accept whatever is given to us, de facto. We are to a large extent a ‘consumerist’ society. In the same way, we have defined what week-ends are made for and what week-days are made for. For the majority of us, week-ends are made to relax and week-days are made to work.

Let me tell you that this thinking is wrong. Whatever I have said above has a purpose – to let you realise how you went by the flow in accepting the flow of life too. It must not be like this. It is not like this for me. I am blogging from a coffee shop on a Monday. Does this mean that I am less productive, or that I won’t get things done at work? No. It means that I have a life, that I wish to live. I find rest in my work too. I rest my spirit, heart and mind. I rest my emotions, and follow the call of duties. I find ways to make my day meaningful, not just with work but with moment of self-evaluation too. Likewise, I have work a lot during week-days and at night after official working hours too. I am productive. I make things happen. I am responsible.

In other words, I have decided to own and take control of my life. While planning is important, I do not go entirely by plans. I respond to the call of my heart, mind and spirit. I do things because they are important to me and they don’t disrupt my peace. I have eliminated the notion of week-days and week-ends. I have only time. I take it and I make it right.

If this makes sense to you, I hope you will try to apply it in your life too.


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