What are my secrets to look younger than my age?

I am 30 but the truth is that I still look somewhere in my early or mid twenties. By saying this, I do not mean to say that 30 is old. I am young  in age, physically and in spirit. However, when I look at most of my friends who are 30 too, it seems that they have crossed their fortieth birthday. Growing older is a privilege that is not given to everybody. It’s the truth of life which no one can escape, but this does not mean that we cannot have control over our ageing process. We can and we must. We must love and take care of ourselves. The body is the vehicle to the soul, and if we neglect the vehicle or let it age as it must, then we will not be able to travel for too long. Having said this, we must take control of our lives, and control our ageing process.

So, what are my secrets to look younger than my age?

  1. I drink at least two litres of water per day
  2. I work out in the gymnasium at least four times a week
  3. I spend at least 15 minutes doing nothing every day
  4. I don’t consume meat
  5. I eat at least three different fruits and vegetables every day
  6. I laugh a lot
  7. I give myself regular breaks from work
  8. I don’t consume alcohol
  9. I don’t smoke
  10. I use natural face scrubs and masks on a regular basis
  11. I meditate and connect with the universe
  12. I surround myself with positive people
  13. I own five wonderful pets, and spend time playing with them
  14. I travel, explore and learn
  15. I swim
  16. I have a profound connection with the ocean
  17. I play soccer every weekend
  18. I forgive people, let go what is weighing me down, and free myself from unnecessary worries
  19. I don’t run after material possessions.
  20. I don’t set the bar of expectations too high

There is no magic formula to look and to feel younger. It’s about reviewing your routine and making some small changes to feel better in your skin. When you feel better in your skin, your body will respond too and the ageing process will not go beyond its ordinary speed. Listen to your body, change your habits and review your lifestyle.

I was young at 18, I am  young at 30 and I will be young at 50 too, if I am still around.



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