What does it take to be certain of oneself?

It’s Saturday again. Another work-week has gone and millions of people around the world are still juggling with their ideas, struggling to define their life’s purpose, or fearing to make the right decisions. We all go through this. But what does it take to be certain of oneself? How do we know that we have finally arrived at the right business idea, identified our true purpose or made the right decisions in life?

I am writing from a small coffee shop at this moment, and just before you wonder why I am writing on this subject, it’s because these are the thoughts that are racing my mind at this point in time.

So, let’s get back to the subject. What does it take to be certain of oneself in life? I don’t think it’s trial and error, time or opinions of others. To me, certainty has some symptoms. Have you ever engaged in some duties where you feel abundance of happiness while fulfilling them? Have you ever donated your money in some orphanages, homes or schools where you felt great about yourself and you wish to do it again and again? Have you ever spent time with a homeless person and just before saying goodbye to him or her, you wish to come again and hug him or her? This is how the universe speaks to you. Are you listening enough? The universe is telling you that those acts that when you do them, you feel limitless happiness, great about yourself and wish to do it again and again, those are acts for which you have been sent to do. Those are acts that complete you, that add meaning and value to your life and that give you a reason to live. These acts are the symptoms that the universe is communicating to you. Listen more. There’s so much the universe wishes to tell you but we are not good at listening enough.

I think that when you engage in something, and you wish to understand whether that specific work, idea or project is what what is meant for you to undertake, you must ask ourselves three major questions to be certain that you must pursue them:

(i) Are you happy about the act you wish to undertake?

(ii) Are you happy while undertaking the act?

(iii) Are you happy to repeat the entire process?

Eventually, certainty is happiness.


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