Why are people greedy?

When I grab a cup of coffee in the evening, after a tiresome day at work, I ponder upon so many things. I try hard not to overthink and I believe to a large extent, I am successful at this, as I do give a clear direction to my thoughts and make sure that they are constructive, and not the other way round.

Today while driving back home, I was wondering about something: why people have turned so greedy and egocentric? It’s true. These days, no one has time for the rest of the world; everyone is self-centred. We want to possess luxurious things, live a life of comfort and some goes to the extent of even boasting about their lives. We do all this at the stake of others. We can put others at disadvantage just to protect ourselves, and for our own interest.

Let’s take for example a tree laden with fruits. An greedy person will think about eating the fruits or bringing the fruits for his family, while a selfless person will think about what will happen to the birds who have only this tree to feed on. I wish we could all think like this: much larger. We must not mix our benefits with the benefits of the society. We must put others first. We must think for others, even if those people have hurt us, betrayed us, insulted us or so. When we become so selfless by nature, we sow the seed of love in our hearts, and we eradicate the word “greed” in our lives.

It is possible and it starts with self-discipline.


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