Why are people bad?

This is a striking question, isn’t it? Has it ever happened to you that you are doing all that you can to be good, to spread positive energy around you, and to inspire others to be likewise but some persons are not just going by the flow and are adamant to bring you down? It happens to many of us, and it is something that will not stop because we cannot expect everyone to be on the same energy field as we are.

But why are people bad? They are bad because in their mind, they cannot see what they are doing wrong. They are blinded to the fact that they are bad. To go one level deeper, the definition of what is right and wrong is not for them is not what is objectively accepted by this society; it’s more of a subjective definition. They have their own norms of what is good and what is bad, and they act according to those norms disregarding what the common people see as good and bad. Even if you walk to them and tell them “Hey Mike, that’s wrong what you just did. You must not make fun of someone else”, you might have to face this answer, “Come on. He is new in the group. It was just to break the ice and get him going”

They always have a justification for what they do as bad. Most of the time, it is a waste of energy and time to make them feel what they do is bad, and as such they are bad.

But having said all this, what you must do to survive among bad people? You cannot remove them completely from your class, friend circle or company. You have to be strong in your response to them. When they try to bring negativity or try to bring you down, learn to stand strong and ignore them. You must not get involved in their drama. If you get involved, you are indirectly giving them the permission to hurt you. No one can hurt you unless you approve of this to happen. Let not their words or acts be obstacles for you. Ignorance is key. Don’t take at heart what they say. Let them feel that you are drawing the line between you and them. In this way, they might understand with time that there must be some reasons why they are losing friends.

Always remember, bad people are bad because they don’t know that they are bad. You have to be good regardless of the bad people around you, and you must learn to ignore them.


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