So, you want to be an entrepreneur?

With the changing world, the ambitions of people are changing too.


If we go back in time, in the 80s, and ask teens about their ambitions, you’d perhaps hear these lines: “I want to be a Doctor”, “I want to be a Police Officer”, or “I want to be an Astronaut”. But what’s happening nowadays? Ambitions have changed. We no longer wish to work for others. We have realised that we are spending around 45 hours per week to make the dream of someone else come true, while compromising with our dream. No matter how much we wish to quit what we are doing right now, and start doing something we truly wish to do, we choose to stay where we are. We might go on the internet to find hundreds of motivational quotes and videos, success stories and inspiring testimonials, but we do nothing else with them, apart from getting inspired for a few minutes, hours or days.

What’s going wrong? Why does it happen this way?

Because we are afraid. But, of what? To take risks, to walk into the uncertain and to leave behind our comfort zones. The society has told us that we are trees and we cannot move, and we have accept this as our truth. We want to do work for ourselves, to be our own boss, and not to follow the rules of the corporate world, but we are not getting the right support from our nears and dears. We have great ideas but we are not able to use them to our advantage because we have been told that ideas without finance is like an empty vessel. The problem, that we are currently not seeing as a problem, is a much bigger one. It’s a cultural problem. While we will not dig into it and go straight to what must be done, we must understand that no matter how much we read about entrepreneurship, if it’s not done from the heart, it’s not worth it.

This blog post is not intended to teach the readers the way to success as an entrepreneur but the courage that we require to embark on this journey.

To become an entrepreneur, we must first of all succeed as a firm human being. We have to be sure of what we wish to pursue. Quitting a stable job with a fixed monthly income is not an easy thing to do, and it does not happen overnight. It requires a lot of thinking and preparation. For this to happen, we must be firm. We must be willing to take this step. We must feel happy about it. It must be the calling of the heart.

There’s nothing like right or wrong idea, right or wrong time, right or wrong risk, and so forth. There’s only idea, time and risk. We must brainstorm and commit to a business idea, throw yourself into the uncertain, start somewhere and test it out. The worst thing that can happen is that we might fail. What else? Failure is precious. There’s nothing to lose at the end. While millions waste their lives dreaming, thousands make it happen. The choice to either be a dreamer or a doer, is ours.


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