Why you must slow down?

The speed at which this world is moving is beyond comparison. Everything is going so fast. Everyone is busy. No one has time. There’s a rush everywhere and for everything. But what makes the world move so fast? Because everyone is after something. Some people are chasing wealth, while others are running after pride. Some people are working tirelessly to build a house while others are saving each and every penny to invest in the education of their children. There’s one major driving force to which our small goals are tied, and that driving force is powerful enough to direct our lives.

But what do we achieve in the process of running after that major thing? For example, you might be working hard and saving money to buy a new plot of land. In this process, you often choose not to go for a cup of coffee with your school friends because for you, time is tantamount to money. You might prefer to work or do something ‘more constructive’ in this lapse of time instead of bonding with friends. What is happening at the expense of your dream? You are forgetting the value of the little things of life.

You have to slow down. Slowing down might delay your dream from coming true but it helps you remain more grounded and realistic. It helps you reflect and review your goals. It helps you accept reality as it is. It helps you become more gentle with yourself.

Slow down. There’s everyday for work. Take one day for you. Breathe and relax. You deserve this.


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