5 rules that you must break to be successful in life

Rules and regulations. Aren’t they embedded in every system? Let’s take for example your work life. When you joined the company where you are working currently, you were asked to sign your employment contract which contains several sections and subsections; imposing legal obligations on you and your employer. As you pursued your employment, you were asked to sign acknowledgment forms for several policies, attendance and evaluation forms, employee declaration form and so forth. As you are reading this article, you must have signed around fifteen forms so far in your current employment. But have you ever wondered what these forms are doing to you? They are bringing you gradually into a system. They are setting limits around you. They are telling you what is acceptable and what is not. They are create a system of norms for you to adhere to. While these are important for an employee to live by, you must not forget that you are a human being with ambitions and emotions. You have the power to challenge and recreate the system. If you adhere at 100% to all the rules, you can miss many opportunities. Strictly following all rules will bring dullness to your life, and will push you to become a victim of an existing system. Your dreams will be limited by the lines drawn by the system.


In order not to compromise with your dreams and to achieve success in your life, there are 5 rules I believe one must break and here is the list:

  1. If you don’t like what you are doing, quit. You always have a choice. Always. Even by not choosing, you are choosing. For example, you are fed up of your current job and you wish to move on to pursue your own business. If you could not find the right business idea, and continue with your current job, you are choosing two things: to let go of your dream and to surrender to what you are fed up with. You are not a brick. Move. Resign. Quit. Take the risk and start somewhere.
  2. Don’t waste your time changing people. Change yourself and others will follow. Changing people is not a quick-fix. It takes a lot of time, which you must not lose. Time is valuable. The most successful people on earth spent day and night to work on their dreams. Focus on yourself. Make yourself a masterpiece. Invest in yourself. Change your habits. Review your goals. Be an example. Be inspirational. Be excellent. Be so good that your energy is enough to inspire the world. By changing yourself, others will change.
  3. Good work does not always get noticed. By telling people what you are doing, you do not become an attention-seeker, as the world might term it. You are actually placing the credit where it lies. You must tell people what you are good at, what you have achieved, are achieving and plan to achieve. The world will not know if you don’t tell them, and it’s important that you tell them because if you think farer than others, you will know that your friends today will be your stakeholders tomorrow.
  4. Change your dreams. With time, priorities and goals change. You cannot expect your dream to be the same in this ever changing world. Everything is changing. The dream you had ten years back isn’t necessarily the same today. Dreams change too. Review your goals and priorities frequently. Ask yourself these questions: (i) Is my dream relevant? Is it important to me? Will it be profitable? Will it be meaningful? Review, review and review.
  5. Give as much as you can. The elderly people will teach you the basics of saving money. Some people might even tell you that to be successful, one must expend his money wisely. Forget all this. Learn to give. It might be money, time, blessing, advice, gift and so forth. But, just give. Give with all your heart. By giving, you feel a sense of accomplishment that no other task in life can let you feel. Giving is sacred. Forget about what you will be left with and think about what will be added to the lives of others if you give.

My 5 rule are crystal-clear. I have broken them and I am experiencing success in my life. You can live that life too. Break the rules, but not the law and not those regulations that will contravene the constitution of the country.

Get started !


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