What’s coming up?

I have long been wondering how to revamp my website, fan page and other social networking profiles/page. Perhaps, I was too over ambitious and I set the bar too high, that is why it took me so much time to start somewhere. This morning, I decided not to dwell in perfection and to rather strive at being excellent in whatever I do. Though this notion has marked my life before too, but in the process of growing as a fine individual, juggling between work life and personal life, I might have forgotten the essence of being excellent. Better late than never. I am not writing to make any promises or to renew old promises, but rather to experiment the art of being simple in whatever I do.

For years, I wanted to bring back my website to life as it once used to be. Today I have realised why I have been failing: I have been striving to pursue perfection and in clearer words, I always wanted a blog post to contain good pictures, be written in good English and to, as far as possible, meet the reader’s expectation. I am ceasing this now. I do not want to write what the readers wish to read. I want to write what I feel I must pour out from my heart, what I have to share, what I have to give and so on. It should come from me. It’s not always about “what’s in it for them”.

So I am writing my clearest state of mind today. I want to write not only about my travels, but about my ideologies, experiences and experiments. I want to write my thoughts on a variety of subjects: from a day at the beach to good governance. I cannot assure my readers on the frequency of my blog posts but I will try to be as regular as possible.

For now, whoever is reading this, please make sure you are following me on YouTube, Facebook (Fan Page & Personal Profile), Instagram and Twitter. You can easily find me by searching for my name (Kevin Keenoo). I will soon be linking all my social media profiles for better flow of information but if you have not liked/subscribed, you might be missing what’s going on.

That’s all for today. I look forward to read from you.


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