The Massai of Olepolos

Olepolos Country Club, situated on the Magadi Road of Kiserian in Kenya, emanates silence that is gently disturbed by the symphony of the birds and floral, and the scenery is to die for.


The drive from my apartment, located in Upperhill, to Olepolos Country Club made me shiver with awe. I walked enthusiastically on the hilly areas, with a wide smile on my face and adventures filled in my eyes. The scent of the fresh meat (known as Nyama Choma) being slaughtered just few meters away, the traditional Massai dance, the craft market blended with colors and tucked away in a calm corner of the hill, the kid’s corner and the breathtaking of the Great Rift Valley reveal the splendor of the place.

I met this young Massai boy while touring around the place with my camera and he did not hesitate to share his life’s story with me. I can undoubtedly confirm that Kenya has some of the warmest people on earth.

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